I need help finding Dr Who new series Dalek parts.


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Hi Guys, I've been toying with the idea of making a replica new series Dalek (NSD) from Dr Who for some time now,having finished my last costume project I plan to make a start in the new year (jan). I plan to make the majority of the Dalek myself using MDF and plywood, but I am having problems locating a dome,Light surrounds, gun tip, Eyes surround, plunger?? I would normally make mold for each of these and cast them up, unfortunately I can no longer make items such as these as after visiting my Doctor he seems to think I may be developing Artheritis in my joints, especially my hands and fingers. I'm a bit devastated at the thought of this, but I am determined to make a go of this idea as I plan to motorise the finished build, which I can sit in and don't have to stand for long periods which again causes me pain. A very good friend of mine has offered to help me with making the main bulk of the Dalek in wood, but has no experience in mold making and casting etc. So I/we are at a loss for finding the above mentioned pieces. If anyone can kindly assist me with my query then I would be sincerely and eternally grateful.
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Re: Help needed in finding Dr Who new series Dalek parts?

Hi, I made one a few years back, a lot of my bits came from ebay,the are now funny about people selling dalek bits on there, wnen searching ebay try kelad which is dalek in the search box, a lot of sellers were listing stuff under that name.


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^ Lots of info here. The original NSD master used a number of (expensive!) styrene catalogue parts for the plunger and eye. The dome light cages are machined aluminium IIRC.

Selling specific Dalek parts is publicly frowned on though; there's only one licensed replica manufacturer and the Beeb are (as I understand it) a lot less permissive over fan-produced blueprints and parts than, say, Lucasfilm.
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