I need help find a particular fabric.


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Hello. I am trying to locate a specific fabric I need for making a costume. I am trying to find this swirly pucci fabric. It was used in Broadway and in a film. I assume since it was used more than on Broadway it is available to the public. If you could help me locate the fabric you would be a life saver. I have been looking for this fabric for 2 years almost non stop. Thank you guys! 13 going on 30 fabric.JPGHairspray2.jpg


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Hey HairSprayFan94! I saw your post and in reply I would say Design it yourself and have it printed. I am doing some film specific T-shirts for some customers so I designed a replica pattern in PSD / Illustrator and am getting the design printed through an online by the yard dealer. Thats how a film would reproduce something like yourself :) Just some ideas! Think when they made that costume it was probably from playhouse storage fabric that was remnant to begin with! Happy Building and Crafting!


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You need to find somebody here who live in SoCal and is willing to drive out to and scour the fabric district in LA for you.

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There are many online stores these days doing custom printing. You just send them the print pattern and they print it for you on whichever fabric you need. They also have no minimum order. You can try doing a google search with the keyword custom fabric printing and you'll find a handful of such options. Hope this helps you...