I Holy Crap! the H4 Poster Mask isn't Being Worn!

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i mean it wasn't on anyone's head when they took the picture. I just realized. look at the way the temple sticks out, and the angle of the neck. it's totally laying flat and collapsed under its own weight.


if you've got a Myers mask, lay it on the ground and look at what happens to the neck and jawline. that's totally going on in the H4 poster. :shock:
sorry if this is old news, but i just noticed and got really excited about it for some reason. guess we can add another one to the "You Might an RPFer if..." list.

(masks count as costumes right, not props?)
Isn't the mask the same image in both? Certainly looks that way, with minor differences in the blending around the hairline/background.
yeah, i believe the masks were the same in both movies, but in Halloween II, the actor's face was a little "wider," so the mask looked the way it did.

I read somewhere once that the H4 and H5 posters were just paintings of the mask, not an actual pic. Can anyone verify this?

At any rate, imho, nothing, I mean NO-THING can ever (re-) capture the essence of the original Kirk '75.
yes, the same mask was used in the first two movies, and it was quite a thin mask so the actors' faces stretched and distorted the features. that's one of the reasons it's so hard to recreate THE mask. you might make a perfect Kirk mask, but unless the head you put it on is built like Nick Castle's or Dick Warlock's it's going to look very different from what you see on screen. and then there's the fact that different people wore the mask within the movies.
apparently the original mask was photographed and the image was basically painted over to create the cover art. personally my favorite masks are the ones based on the cover art.
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