I FINISHED MY Captian Hook Costume


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I'm so excited I just finished my son's Captian Hook Costume. I modeled it after Dustin Hoffman's Costume in the movie "Hook". The gold pirate ship pin I ordered for the top of the shirt should be here tomorow but I just finished sewing the costume and I couldn't wait to take pictures! I made everything but the boots, the wig, and the plastic sword. Although I did have to shorten the sword because it was for an adult and my son is five. I made everything else. I embroidered the baldric my self to get the awsome design in it. I made the jacket from red velvet (future note to self, velvet is a pain to work with) but I'm really happy the way it turned out. Let me know what you'll think!


I had a costume very near to that one when I was his age. Good memories.

Fantastic job on this, by the way. I do have to ask, though, where's the hook?
LOL all the hooks I could find a rather large for him. Plus I just see ahead to tick or treating and I know he'll have trouble holding the bag and the hook. So just pretend he is "Jack" from the movie where he dresses like Captain Hook :)
Wow, that is a fantastic costume. You have really done an exceptional job... the hat, coat and baldric are amazing. If I may suggest something... add the ponytail and ribbon to the back of the wig to give it that extra bit of accuracy. However, it looks just great either way. I would also suggest entering that in the rpf costume contest, because it is truly that good.
Thanks guys :) I was thinking of adding the hair bow. I'm having trouble finding the simple black ribbon with metallic gold edging though. I might stop buy hobby lobby on my lunch break today see if I can find it in the chirstmas section since i've already looked in the fabric. I've even looked online and i know i've seen it! Of course when your not looking forsomething you see it everywhere. Also I forgot to put the ribbons off his left sholder. I think I've figured out what its for. To help keep the baldric from slipping off the sholder lol. So I think I might add that aswell. I'm out of matching trim though I used 18 yards of trim on his little red coat. I still have some left over from the vest though...
Top notch, Top notch.

Hook is still my favorite pirate and I love that movie.

BTW we are showing Hook in our backyard as part of our preHalloween party, does your Captain Hook make special appearances?


Great work! I talked someone into helping me sew a red coat for me in college... She did all the machine work and I did all the hand-stitching. It was an epic undertaking - and if I had any idea how hard it was going to be I NEVER would have started it. lol

Yours is truly awesome - I love your attention to detail throughout the piece! It's really, really cool!

My suggestion in regards to the hook... get a toy hook from a costume store for pictures, and then let him trick-or-treat without it. :):thumbsup
I know this is old but I had to share my awesome news! My son won the 2011 costume contest runner up if I remember correctly. I don't know if anyone saw but the HUB Network is have a 1 Annual Halloween Bash Costume Contest this year. This costume still fits my son and he just won the Kentucky finalist for the Hub Network. They are flying him and I out to LA for the filming of the show. One of the judges is Martha Stewart!!!!! I'm so excited and hope I get to meet her!!! We have a chance at winning $25,000. The show airs this month on the 26th! Make sure to tune in to see one of your fellow costumers... LOL don't worry we'll I'll still be entering this year too! If we win I'll be able to afford to be a premium member! lol
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