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Just recently finished another Alita model for my collection, again from the live action movie. This one depicts her just after the brawl in the Kansas Bar, after she's jumped down into the undercity to fight Grewishka.

She's printed in resin on an Elegoo Mars at about 1/6th scale from an STL found on Thingiverse, with a scratchbuilt base. I edited her face slightly in Meshmixer. She's mostly painted with Vallejo acrylics. To get the texture and 'translucence' of her arms, they were undercoated with Tamiya pearlescent white (from a spray can) and then hand-glazed and detailed with various colours and metallics from the Vallejo acylics range. The blood smudges under her eyes are thin glazes of yellow and red tranparent acrylics.

The base is constructed from insulation foam and Mod-Podge, popsicle sticks, plastic tubing and fine gravel. There's a bit of UV resin for the puddles too!

C053ACD1-90B2-4054-9F33-5D51628B30C5.jpeg A6C05B66-C160-4D7C-BBC4-C371EE53677D.jpeg A16CF4EF-A016-42C1-8561-4611D0CB6B72.jpeg 6264674B-618F-479E-9C6D-06EEBAE04A67.jpeg C9F954B3-6CDC-472A-891B-9ACA346BC215.jpeg 25E3C9CC-3601-4B11-A53A-B974CF634787.jpeg 90341722-2F01-4DCE-ADB0-6D0370D9DA1B.jpeg 426D0EC3-B8F0-4369-AB39-F20952C2DAEB.jpeg


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Great model. Highly under-rated movie.
I agree. Hugely under-rated. Not only a great adaptation of the first few volumes of the manga, but also a terrific film in its own right with a fantastic cast, brilliant production design and cinematography, and thoroughly deserving of a sequel... though that's looking unlikely, sadly.

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