Huntorial - how to make your own predator hands for CHEAP!!


Hello guys.. This is Mark and I want to share some of my knowledge.. This huntorial is for those guys out there that wants to make a predator suit but you dont have any idea on how to make one.. This is my first huntorial and I am only 15yrs. old so bare with me.. I am not that artistic to make a perfect paintjob and this is only rushed due to the fact that i want to finish this huntorial within this day.. Okay lets start..

Things that you will need:
1. Old pair of gloves
2. Upholstery Foam
3. Ruler
4. Ballpen
5. Cutter
6. Scissors
7. Contact Cement *optional* (you can use Latex if you have)
8. Scraps of foamies

Step 1..
Measure the back of your palm horizontally and vertically so you'll get a square shape..And then trace the shape of your fist and cut it on the foam..


Step 2..
Cut it like how the bones inside your hands are shaped and glue it in place using Contact Cement...


Step 3..
Just continue cutting shapes..The fingers, joints, etc... Me I just cut a round shape on foam for the finger joints and stick it on the gloves..


Step 4..
Coat the foam with contact cement and let it dry for an hour.. Once its dry you can mold the foam to your desired shape.. This step will make the foam rounded and has no sides.. I mean when you cut a foam, definitely it would shape like a box so in this step you can make the sides of the foam rounded like in the picture....


Step 5...
Once you're done and happy with the details.. Coat the foam again with contact cement or Latex..Since latex is not available here in the Philippines I just used contact cement.. Put 2 to 3 coats of contact cement.. In this place the foam will rubberized and has a less tendency to rip apart.. Be sure that all parts of the gloves are sealed and coated with Contact Cement!


Step 6..
When the contact cement is dry and you are comfortable with the foam and you think that it wont rip off you can now proceed painting.. I primed it with black spray paint..


Step 7..
Once the primer is dry you can now paint it with the color you want..I suggest that you coat the base color two times or the gloves will just absorb all the paint that you put into it.. You can now put more color details on it. You can put Predator spots, weathering, etc... Im sorry about my paintjob LOL.. I'm not that good in blending colors yet..


Step 8..
there's still one thing that you dont want to not to put in you predator gloves! .. Yes the nails... I just cut a triangular shape from foamies and i used crazy glue to stick the foamies on the gloves..


And you are done!!
I know that my paintjob is a bit odd but You can improve it when you are the one whos making it.. I mean you can make the paintjob look more realistic.. Thanks for looking on this thread and I hope that this simple tutorial helped you.. Good Luck to all the begginers and for those aspiring Predator suit makers!
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