How's my signature?


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I'm most definitely a noob on this site. I just came up with a signature on here and I was seeing if it was alright. I read quite a few of the noob posts that said that most of the new people on here should post somewhere around a hundred times before they ask any question or consider themselves part of this site. To be honest, this site does such a good job at covering any possible ways to make a pred suit, I can't really think of many questions to post. I think I am going the route of getting a pro on this site to make my mask, dreads, and neck ring and me making the rest from a combo of maguyver's suit and some other people's armor. Other than posting my progress, which I plan on doing, I really can't think of many posts to lock myself in as part of this amazing group of artists. You guys do such an awesome job of both making this stuff look easy, which is most definitely not, and making it interesting, that I'm really already so impressed, I don't have to ask many questions. :) So back to my oringinal post... how does my sig look?


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I was a graphic design major in college for a little while, so i know a little about photoshop. At least enough to do a sig. If anyone needs help, i could make one pretty quick if anyone is interested.


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i can do one i made mine but its not my best work i have a realy cool one in the progres and it has no name yet so any takers?
it has a P1 in front of the city night i can add your name and other things depends what looks cool

pm me if interested


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I use gimp. It may be a little limited, but for the cost you can't beat it (free)

See if you like this one Garo



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I agree splice, I'm a noob that also thinks everything is covered well, question wise. So, I'm in the same situation. Your sig looks great. I wish I had a sig.
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