How to commission a character costume gender redesign


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I want to cosplay as Maple from the anime Bofuri, but as a guy I don't think I can pull off the amount of cut-outs in her armor. Instead, I'm hoping to commission an artist to redraw/redesign her outfit for a male so I have a visual guide to make from. Can anyone please point me to where I might find an artist to hire, and advise me on how much I should expect to pay? Thank you.
For posterity, I ended up finding and commissioning an artist through the Fiverr platform. It was $100 for the piece, although I could have opted for line art only for $50. If they are ok with it, I will share the final piece here once it's done.
The artwork commission is complete, and I'm thrilled with how it turned out! By my request, it's more of a creative reimagining of Maple's armor than a strictly adhering gender swap. It was done by Lorianat (@akinart) on Fiverr, and I highly recommend them. Now for the challenge of creating it physically.


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