Hot Toys Predators Base-building


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Hi Guys
I´m about to tune my Hot Toys Predators and maybe some of you know, that the fake-leather breaks after a while.
So im changing the parts to real leather and they get a new paintjob and cool bases for display.
I´ve already finished the falconer and tracker.
the hound has got a totally new paintjob.
the berserker will come later.

20200225_174519.jpg 20200218_100916.jpg 20200218_100931.jpg 20200218_100356.jpg 20200305_184445.jpg 20200305_184359.jpg 20200305_184418.jpg 20200305_180716.jpg

Greedings Rick
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So, at least a got my Berserker and the Base for him is already finished. Hope you guys like it.
Made him in different poses.
2020-04-12 17.24.42.jpg 2020-04-12 17.43.21.jpg 2020-04-12 17.25.24.jpg 2020-04-12 17.27.07.jpg 2020-04-12 17.27.37.jpg 20200403_173251.jpg 20200402_204214.jpg 20200403_173222.jpg 20200402_204226.jpg
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