Hollywood Museum Props/Costumes


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So I went to the Hollywood Museum today and I was pretty impressed with what they have.

The Hollywood Museum - Home

I didn't take my camers, just my iphone but here is a list of some of the items there:

Superman Costume (Christopher Reeve)
Pee Wee Herman's Bike and costume
Ruby Red slippers
An entire floor dedicated to Lucille Ball
Planet of the Apes costumes (original and new)
Star Trek costumes (new movie)
Stargate (original movie) costumes
Bruce Willis' Die Hard 2 costume
Sigourney Weavers costume from Aliens or another Aliens movie (not sure)
Mummy costumes (newer movie)
The entire Lector jail set from Silence of the Lambs (it's HUGE)
A couple of Friday the 13th masks/costumes
And much much more.

I spent about 1 hour there and I could've spent another 45 minutes easily.
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