help with skyrim helm


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hi there
i am going to be making a helm of dragonborn from elder scrolls V:Skyrim
i have a pepakura file and will be making the main metal elements on the helmet out of foam but the only part i am stuck on is the horns
does anybody have any ideas on how i could go about making them?


Two actually:

Build in foam. Seems to be the popular medium these days. Either the EVA foam everyone is using or you could try the expanding sealing foam and carve/scupt them out of that. Maybe start with a wire coat hanger or something as a base for the expanding foam.

Or you could clay sculpt it and cast it. Nice thing is you make one mold and you could have two horns.

I have not done either method but read many threads on here using them. I would probably go the foam route as I think my skill level could make it work. No idea how to make molds and castings.

Food for thought.