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I have some 3d files of some of the newer Gears of War weapons that Gaaramas from the 405th made. He has given me permission because of his time constraints to get help with the unfolds. Scorcher, Hammer of Dawn, Ink Grenade, Gorgon Pistol, Mulcher, Mortar, One Shot and even a Silverback are in this download. I'm looking for somebody to help me with an unfold of the Hammer of Dawn to go on my display shelf with my Gears stuff. I'm currently halfway done with the Anthony Carmine helmet and would like to pep the Hammer next. If anyone can help it would be very much appreciated.

Here is the link to the files. sdas.rar - - online file sharing and storage - download

They will only open in Pepakura Designer.
Sorry i can't help, i know nothing of pep'in

However, there are a good number of members who are experts and i'm sure at least one of them will step up and help you out.

Remember, progress shots are always a pleasure to see, get the Carmine helmet up so we can have a butchers!
Any guess as to the size of the Hammer Of Dawn weapon, I tried doing a search on the internet to get a idea of the size but no luck. Sizes for just about any of the weapons would be handy. But I have the HOD file done I just need a good size to finish the file.
Here you go, btw, Gaaramas did'nt make the files. They were originally pulled from the game by me, and I shared them on the 405th so they could be unfolded. Either that or he pulled them from the game as well. I set the HOD at 200mm high so it should be a good size. It's a unlocked file so if you need to rescale you should'nt have any problem.
I don't really know how to get a good size reference for those weapons. If I figure something out for the rest I'll
post. Thanks again for the HOD
I'd say the Hammer of Dawn is roughly 22 inches long going off relative size between it and the 1:1 scale COG Snub Triforce are kicking out.
hmm right now I have it at 410mm long, so right now it's about 15 inches long I believe. It'll still be a big gun when it's built. Just not 22 inches that would make it really big. Thanks for the help Paddy.
Hey Pepmaster. I some work you did on a Theron Guard pep files over on the 405th from way back. Was there ever a Theron Guard helmet made into a pep file?
So PepMaster has been banned and the Hammer of Dawn file he unfolded for me no longer works. I was going to print it out tonight and start working on it. Really disappointed by this. I still have the obj file saved on pc (the link up top is dead) however. If somebody is willing to do another unfold for me I can email you the file or if necessary I'll create a 4shared account. PLEASE HELP. Was really excited to do this as my next project.

UPDATE - nevermind stupid me tried to open with pep viewer instead of designer.
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