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Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Mindtrick, May 4, 2015.

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    Has anyone had trouble getting any kind of response from NME Props? I ordered and paid for an ESB Fett jetpack back on October 20th, 2014 and STILL have not received word if it has even been started let alone shipped. I heard that one of the guys was sick at the end of the year last year but aside from two responses (that really only said "I will check with a guy") to my many inquiries I have heard nothing about their progress.

    Anyone know these guys other than from FB or their website?

    (I posted this in the Dented Helmet forums as well but I wanted to drop it in here too since they seem to do more than just Fett related costume elements)
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    I know recently a few folks on TDH got their packs after a long 6-7 month wait as well. They seem to be incredibly behind. So being someone who here on the boards fell behind in shipping things at one time in the past...I'd say give it a little longer and just keep trying to make contact. While as frustrating as it can be, recieving PMs that start out with lines like, "im taking you to court" or "IM ANGRY THIS IS TAKING TO LONG" tend to make people want to ignore those PMs even more...believe me, I know from first hand experience getting those PMs.

    Try to remain calm and understanding that it's taking a bit longer than expected, and as well, I'll make contact with the persons I know that have first hand contact with NME and see if I can get you better contact info other than just a PM.
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    I agree, and thanks for the advice.

    My concern over this is that after a couple of requests for info each month for the past 3 months I have still not received word on what the status is of my order. All I want to know is what number I am in their queue and about (+/- a month) how long it will take to get it done. After being initially told I would have it in plenty of time to have it painted and ready for MegaCon and Star Wars Celebration I have heard nothing. I had to shelve my entire Fett build due to this delay, which in and of itself sucks.
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    Did you ever get your bucket from NME or did you set a claim with Paypal?


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