Help IDind Star Wars props...


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Can anyone ID this E-11 and the helmets.
The e-11 has a removable magazine with battery pack and a metal rod on the side of it that connects to the end cap.
I know the 501st clone is a MR, and the Gen 1 clone is an EFX, and one that has been IDed as an far as the rest ???

I've been offered this blaster a 12 helmets in a trade and am trying to find out exactly what I'd be getting, and if its worth my trade.







I'm not sure if this will help but sometimes you have to eye it and go with your gut. It may help if we know what you were trading for this lot (which looks really good, btw).
Kimber 1911 goes for around 750-950+ MSRP depending on customization right?

Seems like an okay deal to me.

If you wanted to sell the helmets I'm sure you could get at least 100-150 per.

Wish I could help more on bucket IDs. Does the person trading not know?

Edit: Vader could be a Sgt. Fang. Hard to tell not seeing the faceplate.
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