Help ID this Belt Buckle Please!

Houston Robocop

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I'm trying to make all the costume assessories to go with a screen-used Buck Rogers Starfighter Tunic that I own.

I need help in Identifing the belt buckle used in the series. It's a chrome recangular-shaped belt buckle. I believe this was also used extensively on Battlestar Galactica costumes as well. Maybe some sort of military belt buckle?

I'm able to find similar shaped buckles on-line, but nothing like the loop and hook fastener used on the back of this style of buckle (pictured below)

Thanks in advance... Nicholas




Run Runner

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I think the belt buckles may have been custom made for the shows. They don't look too hard to reproduce.


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I think it might be a Marine dress pistol belt with the insignia removed.That type was not used on BG.

Houston Robocop

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Some of the Marine web belts uses similar hook and latch on the belt ends, but I still can't find the exact belt buckle.

Thanks for the input so far..... Nick


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Older police color guard belt...not sure where to get them anymore, but my old department had a bunch of them. The buckles are exactly the same. Try doing a web search for color guard belts.