Help Finding Replacement wool fabric for Female Sherlock Coat


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Hey all!

So I'm making this coat and just bought the last of this shown fabric. I'm trying to find fabric similar so I can make more of this coat in the future but seem to be coming up with nothing. The fabric is actually a wool/cashmere medium weight Ralph Lauren houndstooth tweed (blaaaargghhhhhh that's a lot of description for a fabric lol).

The most important aspects are it's a medium to heavy wool fabric with that black and dark grey check pattern/small box pattern. Everything I'm finding is either black and white or has loads of brown or blue mixed in with it.

If I can't find anything remotely similar I'm debating about getting a heavy wool black and white small houndstooth and having it professionally dyed dark grey. That should work in my head but maybe someone knows something I don't. I assume the black would stay darker and the white sections would dye to a charcoal grey but still give that two tone affect. Does anyone have any idea of the cost to dye fabric around the L.A. area? Is it by pound, by yard?

Any of the other sherlock threads have outdated links on fabrics that were similar and I've looked at UK websites, ebay, etsy, went all over fashion district in L.A., Int'l woolen and silks and Mood (which is where my original fabric came from). And there's just nothing out there. I'm hoping maybe someone knows of a random small shop/website that might have something similar orrrrrr.....Suggestions maybe lol? I've looked up mini houndstooth wool fabric, tweed wool coating, black and grey houndstooth tweed wool fabric...the list goes on and on.

Here's a photo of the jacket so you can see what I'm trying to replicate look wise.
Have you checked with Mood to see if they can still order some?

Yep. I bought what was left of the bolt from them and it was one of those "end of bolts" they get from companies which means it was only made for something special and won't be made again. I could have sworn this kind of fabric was really common.
A couple of options from the other Sherlock thread that are still available.

And I read that cosplaysky will sell there fabric alone as well which is pretty good. Overall I think Tssy's looks slightly better and similar to yours above so maybe he/they would sell it alone as well? Worth a shot! Good luck, looks really good!

That bblackandsons is what I was thinking of dying but I hadn't seen that second one! I also read that cosplaaysky sold their fabric but I didn't see an option to purchase it so maybe I'll try just messaging them.
If you do go that route and dye it I would be curious to see a pic, I was actually looking for Sherlock coat fabric again last night but didn't find anything really better than the options already found. As for the cosplaysky fabric I didn't come across the post I saw it in when I looked again but I believe it was and that it was $20 a yard/meter to buy.
I have the same stuff you used and I got it at F&S in LA. I don't know if they would have any left, though.
I have the same stuff you used and I got it at F&S in LA. I don't know if they would have any left, though.

I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT F&S! When was the last time you purchased it/do you remember how much seemed left on the bolt? At mood this fabric was $35 a yard, was it similar at F&S? Ughhhhhhhh I don't wanna go back down to LA lol! I just looked on their website and it obviously shows nothing of what they have so I'll have to go there and check them out.
Heh, when trying to describe fabric that is usually not enough words- not for a perfect match when looking for specific fabrics ;) Unfortunately the colour and size of the repeats are hard to tell from the photo Is it just a straight oh black and grey houndstooth?.
It is similar to any of those? You might then have luck with finding the name of the pattern.

And they seem to have options in non wool:
This seems to offer the best match to what was posted. Just searchs ebay for the colours and weave :) There are a lot of Ralph Lauren houndstooth fabrics but they are all grey/white or beige.
Unfortunately, it's not really a houndstooth weave. It's something half way between twill and houndstooth. I have no idea what the actual name is for it to search.

I only bought 6-7 yards to make my own coat, but if I remember correctly it was about $20 a yard. I bought it maybe 2 years ago, maybe a little more. I know it was still there at least one of the times I went back later, but I stopped looking for it after that.
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