Help designing dry-fireable bow (as in LOTR, Narnia)


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I want to build a bow similar to those used on screen in LOTR. I read here that they were made of injection-molded rubber; I also read somewhere that Susan's bow in Narnia was made of foam with a spring steel core.

What I want to know is, since I don't have injection molding equipment, is what kind of rubber or foam should I use and should I sculpt my original in the strung or unstrung configuration?

This is the bow I am trying to make (Louise's from Fire Emblem):

If there are any Weta people lurking about who might be able to give some details or insight about the builds of those bows, I would be eternally grateful.


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Just to clarify, I'm looking for technical specs on the rubber or foam I should use. I'd like to know the shore hardness of the rubber and the expansion factor for the foam. I am assuming that the rubber is urethane and that the foam is flexible, self-skinning polyurethane foam. I also would really like to know if I should sculpt the original as strung or unstrung cause I want to start sculpting soon.


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Apologies for necroposting, but I came back to this project and had a small breakthrough around Halloween. I'm going to try to use collapsible fiberglass rods like they use in kites as a core (I'm actually using a rib from one of those Ikea LOVA leaf canopies), and then put a removable self-skinning foam cover over it. I'm working on the Breakers' Bow from Bastion for Katsucon, so I'll try to post progress shots.
breakersbow.png breakersbow1.png


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TrentR, yes the rib support from this. I actually used it as my bow prop at work for Halloween just to see how it would go (dressed as BLU Sniper from Team Fortress 2):



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Progress render of my model:

I warped the artwork such that the bow was in the unstrung position. I still have to model the blades and generate toolpaths.
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