Hell's Kitchen

Awesome show. The wife and I pretty much watch every dvr'd episode. Nightmares is good too, but I'm always like, "Please let this place be no where near me." Even after cleaning it up, I'd never go there because I know people can easily fall back into their old habits.
Of course that's why Elise is still around- because everyone wants her to go. That's how things are in 'reality' tv. She causes the most people to talk about it, so she stays. That's why I hate 'reality' tv.

This bothers me as well. I watch HK for the cooking and the challenges, not the drama. The drama turns me off big time and when I see a show focusing more on the drama and less on what the show professes to be about or when I see them keep someone solely because of their poor attitude and not because of their skill it makes me not want to watch. I don't want to see a forced train wreck. I want to see people showing off amazing talent and skill.
I absolutely love everything Gordon does, and he is by far my favorite chef. Thanks to youtube, a lot of his recipes have become some of my personal favorites... heck even some of my more half-assed attempts to replicate his dishes have produced better stuff than anything I produced before :) I really would love to meet the guy one day
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