Happy 93rd birthday to Zacherley!!!

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If you didn't grow up in the NYC area, then 99.99 percent of you will have no idea who Zacherley is. For the uninitiated, Zac is the king of the original TV horror hosts from the 1950s/60s/70s. He hosted Chiller Theatre when I was a kid in the 1960s. Decades later when I started attending ChillerCon in Jersey, Zac was and still is the annual guest of honor.

He calls himself "The Cool Ghoul" and it's a fitting name. The first Chiller I attended was packed, and Zach came from the autograph tent and went to the back of the line, which wrapped around the hotel, and escorted the last two people to the very front of the line and got them wristbands as his guests. I saw this with my own eyes. Later at his session, he mentioned how disgusted he was with the lines and how poorly the show was conducted that fans had to wait so long to get in.

He's old and admits he no longer needs the make-up to look like a corpse [insert signature Zac laugh], but still is tack sharp with a wonderful sense of humor. A sweeter guy never lived.

Happy birthday, Zac, and "Goodnight, goodnight, whatever you are."

Must be some old NY/Philly fans here. Give it up for Zac.
I never saw him but in Pittsburgh they had "chilly Billy" who hosted the same type of deal. The local PBS station has been trying to get him out of retirement as a host and back on tv. Happy birthday Zac, we need more hosts and shows like this.
My Dad is a huge "Hosted by Zacherley" fan. I totally know who yer talkin' about . Wow... Amazing life that man has lived!
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