HALO Master Chief Costume Progress Thread (helmet rebuild begins on p.19)


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In the middle of last month I started doing research and getting materials for my next Halloween costume. Some friends and I had been brainstorming on ideas (mostly because they wanted to piggyback on my next project) and someone mentioned that we should do the characters from Red vs. Blue. So here we go.

I can't take much credit for developing the methods I'll use to build this costume so far. I joined up at www.405th.com and those guys really have this thing dialed in. I'm using their Pepakura based papercraft method to build the masters that will be used for molding and casting later.

I started with the helmet. The first one was a low-resolution model just to make sure I had the size right:


Then I messed up and made a higher-resolution version but got the scale wrong. I built it anyway (always a good idea to have a rough draft) and then went on to make the full-sized high-res version:


When I'd finished cutting and pasting and cutting and pasting and cutting and pasting, I was quite pleased with the results. Building it this way ensures better symmetry than I could ever hope to make when sculpting by hand:


The high-res model is much more involved than the low-res one, but it's worth it:


Once I had a paper model I was happy with, the next step was to coat it all with a layer of cheap hardware store polyester fiberglass resin:


The next step will be to pour a couple of layers of urethane casting resin over the inside to add strength and then I can smooth the outside using bondo and a lot of sandpaper.

Stay tuned.
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Re: HALOween 2008 costume started.

Awesome- I've always wanted to try the Pepakura method. Keep us posted!

Does anyone know if someone ever made that Iron Man Pepajura helmet that was floating around a while back?
Re: HALOween 2008 costume started.

This site used to update a lot when it first went online, but has slowed down a lot since then, but Joe seems to get the job done when needed. Maybe a request for so other projects my poke him along to post more items.
Re: HALOween 2008 costume started.

Fantastic Job on your MC Helmet
I had considered doing this also but i have no patience for the
cut and paste...cut and paste...and there is no program version
of Pepakura for a iMac, at least none I could find
There is another RPF member doing this also
check out this thread
He has some great pictures also

Keep up the good work

Re: HALOween 2008 costume started.

Wow those look great! Wish I had the patience to try it myself, but keep up the nice work and keep us updated!! So then whose Caboose and Chuch? :lol
Re: HALOween 2008 costume started.

Fantastic Job on your MC Helmet
...and there is no program version
of Pepakura for a iMac

That's right, there is no Mac version, and won't be any time soon. I wrote to the distributors of pepakura, and they replied that they have no intention of releasing a Mac version.


Re: HALOween 2008 costume started.

That is awesome! How do you create such a pattern for a 3d model?

Again, most of the hard work that was done on this concept was done by all of the other members over at www.405th.com. They use a shareware program called "pepakura" that takes 3d files and unfolds them to make paper models. You can get the software at this URL: http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/

I'm still trying to figure out how to import my own 3d files into it. Once that's done I'll be able to do anything. Mwahahahah...:lol

I'm finished with the warm sticky goo phase of the helmet. I've used urethane casting resin and coated the inside of the helmet several times to harden it:


Now it's stronger and heavier and ready for the rigors of sanding and shaping:


Now I have to get back to the shop to start the bondo phase of the project.

Stay tuned.
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Re: HALOween 2008 costume started.

That looks awesome so far! Can't wait to see how it turns out... after seeing this I think I'm going to have to try doing the Mark VI one of these days :)
Re: HALOween 2008 costume started.

Thank you all for the kind words and compliments.

I didn't get to spend as much time as I'd planned in the shop yesterday. With a bit of luck I'll finish the bondo phase of the project today.

Here's a shot of my progress so far:


I haven't done any sanding yet. All of the shaping has been done with a putty knife and a body rasp. I'm happy with the look so far. I'm trying to match the helmet as shown in the trailer, and I've started to correct some of the discrepancies. Still a long way to go in that department.


You can see the smaller rough draft helmet in the background. I've been putting it through each step in the build process first so I can apply the lessons learned to the bigger helmet.

Of course, now my five-year-old nephew has decided it's his, so I may well be making a complete Master Chief costume in child size.

More to come.
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Re: HALOween 2008 costume started.

So yesterday my helmet visors showed up and, after a lot more bondo and sanding, I had to test fit one of them. I think it's a good start:


Here's another goofy shot:


And then your standard "Alas poor Yorick" shot:


Stay tuned for more detail work followed by priming and sanding and priming and sanding and priming and painting and molding and casting. What fun!
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Re: HALOween 2008 costume started.

I also did a low-resolution test build of the chest armor in paper. Sadly, it came out way too small. I think that one may be for the nephew too.
Re: HALOween 2008 costume started.

Busy day yesterday. I did a lot more sanding and grinding and added the details to the bottom of the brim before putting a bit of primer on it.


Mostly I didn't need to primer anything just yet, I just wanted to see it closer to one color.


I primed the child-sized version too.


I've also made a low-res version of the torso armor to test for fit before I spend a lot more hours making the high-res version with all of the details.

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Re: HALOween 2008 costume started.

Totally off topic but...

1. is your work shop on board a ship?

2. I thought it was funny and ironic that in the early pictures your wearing a Maritime College jumpsuit and then switch to an Old Navy fleece in later pictures. Being ex-navy myself and having to wear navy uniforms on a daily basis I chuckle when I see Old Navy stuff.

Halo stuff looks awesome by the way.

Re: HALOween 2008 costume started.

looking great.

i made the same mistake you did and currently have a child sized paper model, what did you scale yours up to?
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