Gun Head Design print question.

false warrior

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Hello everyone, my first post here and I have a question for you guys.

I bought the Gun Head design Deadpool pattern and just sent the file, no alterations, to get it printed. Since the file says fits 5"9" to 6"1" I thought, cool I'm 6' and dont need to alter it. Well I got the pattern and cut it out and it looks... small... Basically what I'm searching for is if anyone did the same thing and how well the suit fit you. I sent it off to get sewn up and wont have it for about a month and Im looking for insight into how the standard file fits. If anyone has any experience with this please let me know. I'm gunna be a sad DP if its not gunna fit and just dropped 250 on the suit and it doesnt fit.

Randy Guhl

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Dude that sucks.. sometimes it helps to do some fine tuning when you can. The sizing on patterns can be pretty subjective or for a certain body type. Generally a good practice is to use the measuring tool in photoshop. Or ive even heard of people printing out a paper version and measuring from there

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false warrior

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Yeah, I impulse bought and was like oh cool it should fit me, Im in that range. Didnt think about the other measurements until I got the fabric. We shall see when I get it back. Otherwise ill be selling it and buying a new one. Sadly, if that happens my deadline will be missed.