Grogu Animatronic Project


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Hi everyone,

I have been working on my own personal animatronic Grogu on and off for the past year and am getting close to finishing him. I'm setting a goal of April 10th. (let's see if that pans out)

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to show some of the progress that I have made over the past year. I'm still in my junior year of college so I have a bit more time left to take courses that might prove useful for this field.

My animatronic Grogu will have the following mechanisms:
- Eyes
- Eyelids
- Ears (each separately controlled)
- Brow
- Smile
- Mouth
- Full neck articulation

There are 18 total servos. 8 servos in the head, 10 servos in the body.

I'm planning on using the Sideshow cloak for the clothing. I'll also hack off the hands and feet. At some point, i'll replace the hands with a silicone pull that will integrate pick points for puppeteering.

I designed all the mechanisms in Solidworks and my professor Ralph Sutter designed the digital sculpt of Grogu in Zbrush. I went through the motions of converting the STL into quads, then into a NURB surface that Solidworks could import.

All the 3D printed parts are in Nylon and were grown on an SLS printer with a few FDM parts here and there. The main plate spanning the center of the head and a few linkages are in aluminum.

My good buddy Nicholas Winstead did the silicone head pull and painted the eyes.


Trying to organize what would become a cable nightmare Head sculpts arrive!


The painter who did the head did an incredible job. Incredible eye work by Nicholas


Back of the brains! So cute huh?


Cable nightmare Standing tall!


Clothing fit test.


Here's my desk setup for those who are curious.



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RSutter is a member here! Small world! The sculpt looks really good and the pull is real quality work. Looking forward to seeing just how far this project goes. Also, how did your motion control rig turn out?
Moco project is on the burner. Unless I get some sort of grant, it probably won't pan out as it's really expensive.
I'm just going to link videos from Ralph since he has it already uploaded.

This was the first test I did with the eyes and lids functioning. I realized afterward that the lids were reaching their extremes too often so I went ahead and mixed them down afterward:

After doing the handoff, Ralph went ahead and attached the head to a body. Looks great! Hoping to have the same effect with my personal one:

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