Grendel - Matt Wagner

Hi, Ladies and Gents!

I struggled as whether to post this in props, or costumes but since the end result is intended to be part of a long-term plan (my own Batman rogues gallery display) I figured on the former. If any mods disagree, please feel free to shift it at your leisure.

So Matt Wagner's Grendel is a character I've loved since high school; making a decent Grendel mask is the fulfillment of a long term dream.
I played with the idea of making a simple cloth mask (as he often wears) but noticed that in some of the strips, his mask seems to have a more formal definition than just cloth-over-noggin.
To that end, I decided to incorporate something from the character's background, his talent in fencing and started creating a "battle" version.

The idea is to make the cloth mask, then incorporate a fencing grille painted white to make the iconic devil-eyes/nose pattern.

Here is an image or two of the character, along with my first cloth pattern cuts. Following will be as I stitch the mask into something presentable and attach the grille.
Hopefully this along with a pair of long white opera gloves will finish the display.


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I was really into Grendel for awhile there, too, and often lay in bed wondering how to make his Lance. Have you tackled that as yet?
Not looks pretty intimidating to build without a metal shop although the design is not terribly complex.

I'm thinking, long strip of metal for the blades, bent like a "U" and then bolted onto the top of a staff.
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