Gi Joe Serpentor helmet


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This is a Gi Joe Serpentor helmet i was commissioned to make for this years Comic Con. I was asked to use a Magneto replica helmet as a base to build upon. Im sure any geek can still recognize the Magneto structure under it. I sculpted on the original helmet then did a silicone mold and created a bondo and fiberglass final piece. He had other people work on the suit so i haven't seen them together yet. I'll have to wait until comic con. Hope everyone likes it.
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A year later, here are pics from sdcc 2011. This was the final costume. I only made the helmet. The rest of the suit was hand crafted leather work. Overall it worked really well. I just finished a 2nd helmet for him and posted it up a few days ago. I will have to wait until after july for pics of the full suit in action though...
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