General Query: Cricut CRV001 Related Software


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I have an older cricut that I picked up specifically for cutting styrene for modeling.

I read up about it and basic modeling software that was compatible with it, but I guess I didn't delve deep enough.

Because I didn't know it only able to be used with cricuts interfacing software (aside from the useless number keypad of course).

Unfortunately cricut doesn't support this model anymore, making it a paper weight that can only print letters and numbers.

I've looked and looked to no avail. Has anyone figured out how to use this thing for cutting shapes drawn in whatever basic cad like software, that bypasses the official unsupported and defunct cricut interface?

Makes me mad. Lol.

And if my terminology is off, forgive me, I'm no tech smart guy.


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If you can find a 'direct driver' you may be able to do it.. (use other software).

*Thats the main reason I never look at Cricut stuff.. locking your customers down to 'cartridges' you need to purchase for different fonts or shapes is just a bad business model IMHO..

I have an older Silhouette Cameo (v1?).. I found some stuff on-line that was used to directly send gerber files to my machine to cut solder stencils/masks..

I also found a 'print driver' for it.. (so it shows up as a printer option in my software.. like Illustrator).. although I never tried to direct send, I usually touch up or check it out in their proprietary software

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