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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by Boba Flint, Aug 29, 2004.

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    The FRX-00 Mave Yukikaze.

    I hope to work ont his in the near future.
    This kit is based on the anime Fairy Squad. "Yukikaze"
    It is a 1/72 scale kit. Resin and white metal. The castings are crisp and clean. There are no airbubbles. The body in one piece and judging from the minor mold lines I would guess it took a 4 part mold to cast it. The only down side to this kit is what they did to the cockpit and canopy. It is one piece as well. They made the cockpit then encased it in clear resin wich serves as the canopy. This will just look bad. You can assemble the kit and give it a great paint job but the you will see this plain grey resin cockpit. I wonder if somewhere in Japan a company makes a add-on kit that provides a seperate cockpit and canopy.

    I'll stop talking now. here are some pictures.

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    Yukikaze ... "Snowstorm"

    Is this the Platz kit?
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    Vader wrote:
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    Yukikaze ... "Snowstorm"

    Is this the Platz kit?
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    Yep. [​IMG]
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    Yep, I picked up the Platz Supersylph Yukikaze kit the other day from HLJ. A nice kit as well, probably a tad easier to get a cockpit in, though you would still have to vac-form canopies for it.

    When it came down to it, I had to chose one kit due to the expense, but I prefer the Supersylph to the Mave. I am sure that the Mave will make a great model as well.

    At least it gave me a break from buying a shedload of Hasegawa Macross models....[​IMG]



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