free pepakura files

roxas mc

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hey im new to the forms and like many other people i cant find pepakura files so if any one knows were theres free ones could they post it here im sure it would help e and many others thanks if u post on this form :)
Even a search of this forum would turn up a ton of pep files. I know you are new, but this has been addressed before in other threads.
Hi roxas, I would try looking at the threads of Fierfek, Vagabond, and Dung0beetle. There are loads of other "peppers" on here but at te moment, Fierfek especially is kicking A**! He's turning out pretty accurate pep files at an unbelievable rate of speed. Hope that helps you, mate and welcome to the best forum on the planet!!
thanks to the people who posted links and names :D and sorry to the others i put this uup cause i spent hours trying to find the files and i got anoyed so i just posted this as an easier way to find em :(
I looked around a little for you but I didn't have any success. If you can find the game model of it, you can have someone unfold it for you.
They are out there. Search here for "mass effect helmet" and you will find someone using it. You can PM them and ask if they are willing to send you the file, or maybe tell you where they got it.

I think I have seen a couple threads at the 405th, you could also check there for it. Best of luck.
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