found a very cheap way for helmets to be made wearbale


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since i have built my wolf helmet and used an interior of a safetly helmet i have always been on the lookout for a more generic part to use, something easier to install. the safety helmet iinnards are a great idea but positioning it is a pain and so is glueing.

Today i stumbled across this: so gave it a go and i have to say its a fantastic part i thought id share with everyone whom struggles on the same idea of inner helmet padding etc etc.

its a hard had baseball cap, which comes apart in seconds: see the pics to follow, dissasembled, dab of hot glue on the liner, helmet on the head, let the dab of hot glue cool and get the position correct, then remove helmet and hot glue on the ventilation holes on the helmets liner - 5 mins and wearable helmets :):) made by a company called jsp, the price was £11.00 gbp +vat in the local safety helmet section

and the added bonus, once i used the inner liner i have a baseball cap left over thats still wearable






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