Forbidden planet c-57d chrome questions!

Alan Cross

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I'm building the Forbidden Planet saucer from Polar Lights. It's HUGE. The saucer in the movie is painted a dulled silver. I was thinking I'd paint my model with that "brand new, hot off the saucer factory" look -- chrome.

I want to paint my C-57D saucer mirror chrome. I know this isn't screen accurate, but I think it might be cool. However, if you have a strong reason for me NOT to paint it chrome (using Alclad II chrome lacquer) I'd love to hear your reasoning. (My main fear is that painting such a large surface area would make the chrome effect look "toy-like.")

What do you guys think? Is this worth trying, or are there good reasons for me NOT to do this?

I appreciate any opinions and your reasons behind your thinking.




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how about applying chrome stickers like the naboo ships from star wars, this could give an appearance of panelling.

it looked pretty good in person when i saw the ships in exhibit

i think trying to chrome the plastic would be too much hassle imho.


Alan Cross

Sr Member
Zorg, thanks for the suggestion. Those ships DO look pretty cool. But to be honest, I've tried using chome metal sheets (bare metal foil) on another project (years ago) and I absolutely hated it. For me, it was just the worst thing in the world to work with.

Frank! Fingerprints and dust! Story of my life! Thanks. Maybe it's time to rethink the chrome...
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