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I don’t know anything about the specific subject, (seems like I’d enjoy it!) but, I wanted to make everyone aware of a company (you may already know) A-B Emblem. They made (and still make as far as I know) all the NASA mission patches.

I have all the Apollo mission patches (including the big 8” program patch) and I brought my Apollo 10 patch with me when I met Tom Stafford. He asked me where I got it, because he thought it was off one of the other guys’ flight suit! (I had the mission patches on the back of a leather jacket for a few years)

Anyway, American flags, meatballs and worm NASA patches of perfect accuracy are there. For what it’s worth. They may do custom ones too- I never asked but that’s their thing...
the AB Emblem website is pretty poor when I checked it out. no patches to buy when I went on and all it mentioned was to contact them for quotes.


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I am on their site currently, and yes, from the home page it is very difficult to get to the purchase pages.

Try this link, and use the tabs at the top of the page to see other offerings...



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The speech announcing the 'Next Apollo Astronauts' of Ellen Waverly. Molly Cobb, Tracy Stevens, and Danielle Poole.


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