Folding Batarangs (Begins)

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    Thought I would post this here for those who wisely avoid the Junkyard.

    This is my next project. These are Folding Batarangs from Batman Begins.

    The larger one is made up by me as I feel Batman should always have a large Batarang. They are resin with hinges and magnets. They stay open or closed quite well.

    These are the prototypes so there are a few ruff spots. Also the paint reacted to the magnets because they are just under the surface in the resin. You can see the squares of the magnets. Not really sure why. That will also be fixed on the regular ones.

    The smaller one pictured is the larger size you see in Batman Begins. It's a bit bigger than the one piece one he uses. The only time this one is seen is when he is gearing up at the end and you see him fold it.

    MVI 0411 - YouTube



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    I have been looking EVERYWHERE for these!!! PLEASE tell me you'd be able to still make these.

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