FMA armor question


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In the Full Metal Alchemist anime, one of the characters is simply a suit of armor.

Does anyone know if this armor is based on something that really exists? And if so, what kind of armor would it be? I'm looking for any and all references that might help me with my project.


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I doubt it's based on any real suit of armor. As armor goes, it's not as 'functional' as a real suit of armor seem to be. There have been some excellent reproductions of it before though. Check out the Cosplay sites and there should be some good images.


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I have to wonder, though, because a lot of it seems to be heavily based on things related to early 1900's Germany.

I have seen some of the cosplay outfits, and agree - some nice stuff out there. Still, I just wonder if there was a historical design that the artist may have based his drawings of Al off of, since he's so consistent in his work.

Here's a picture that I came across to give those of you who may not be familiar with FMA an idea of the armor that I'm looking at.



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Originally posted by rollerboi@Jan 2 2006, 10:45 AM
Hmm. Maybe this would go better in the costuming forum?

But anime props haven't been very popular here... it's mostly movie/tv show props...


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As far as I can tell, it's a fantasy design loosely based on samurai style japanese armor, with some gothic influences, but otherwise an original design by Hiromu Arakawa, the artist who created the manga FMA is based on.

Nice, isn't it?
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