Flexi Paint for foam armor


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Hi guys!

This stuff popped up in my news feed this morning, and I ended up checking out their site. I use EVA for all my armor, and after enough wears, even with the most fastidious sealing job, small cracks in the paint are always an issue. Granted, it IS foam. But I'm always open to new ways to seal it that might extend its shelf life. :)

Anyways, has any one tried Flexi Paint? The video on their website of them wringing the heck out of that foam shield makes me super curious. And apparently you can apply it by airbrush?


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Im curious about this as well. My biggest question is also how far with one bottle get me as it is on the higher end cost wise once you factor in shipping.


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wahooo..............sorry normally when a cool product comes out we cant get it in the uk but this is a uk product so no looking for a looks like product. it looks great gonna have to try it thanks for the link graciefox