Firefly - Mal Reynolds

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I've really been wanting to start a new costume project and after finishing up my replica Firefly pistol from a member here I thought I'd go all out and get an entire Mal costume done.
Anyone tackled this costume already? I'd love to see some pictures or hear about it.

So far I've got a pair of the gloves, found a really good shirt for the costume and located a source for some great looking canvas saddle pants and a replica of Mals brown coat.
I've also found a local belt and harness maker who wants to have a go at making the gunbelt and holster for me. Anyone know of any good clear pictures of it kicking around out there? I need to try and knock up some measurements and good refference pictures for him.

I'm also still on the hunt for the PAL Comm unit, the right style suspenders and a pair of similar boots to complete the costume. Any help would be really great.

Here's a look at what I've got so far:

Black leather gloves
Deep redish/brown corded shirt

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:D Thanks for the links. Thats great. Got a couple real good pics of the holster from those.

Not a lot to show, but I've updated the first post with a couple pics of what I've got so far.
Off to a good start :) If you want, PM and we'll see what we can come up with on the suspenders. I'm about to start work on a set myself.

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Wow the Serenity style costume looks great. If mine ends up half as good as that I'll be more than happy.
PM sent in regard to the suspenders

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Just got a cheap mannequin to display it all on when its finished.
Also got the brown coat ordered to add to the costume so far.

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Originally posted by TimDrakeRobin@Dec 5 2005, 09:35 PM
Did you go through Abby Shot for your brown coat?
I was going to go through Abby Shot for the coat, but got tempted away by the value of the Space-City version. The money I've saved I might use to get the holster and belt replica as unfortunately the guy I was hoping could make me one doesnt think he can do it now.

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No problem.
Quick snap of the bits so far on the mannequin. Almost nothing to it, but its a nice start and shaping up quite nicely I think.

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The boots I ordered arrived this morning. I also printed off a roll of some of the money from the Currency Of The Verse thread. So I've put them together with the rest of the outfit so far.

The sadle pants should arrive any day now and work has started on my brown coat, so I'm on the hunt for any help with the belt and holster rig at the moment.
Anyone tried anything or thinking of trying something that might work?


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All those are very shiny. Angellus, awesome job on yours: obviously a lot of work went into it.

I'm getting mine together slowly. Fortunately, since I live in Wyoming, I can even wear my Browncoat gear on a regular basis and still fit in. :D

I got my shirts and pants at Wild West Mercantile. The suspenders I found trolling military surplus auctions (since the costume designer said they were old WWII canvas suspenders). I found something close enough with some British webbing.

You can find holsters here if you want to drop $200 on a replica.

But my big question is where to find these:

Any ideas?

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Short of having them made. I've come up with nothing closer than what I have for the boots ($40 Anakin style jedi boots, which I'm going to set about getting modified to match the firefly style)
The pants on wwmerc are the same Wah Maker ones I purchased :D
The holster on eBay is my last resort at the moment. I've been in contact with the seller last week with a few queries, but still waiting to hear back from them.