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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by RogueScout, Jan 9, 2006.

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    If wonder woman hits big, as I suspect it will, I would not be suprised to see a sequel to Serenity in theaters, and Joss being able to write his own ticket. As he has said, he figured out what he did wrong with the film, and that was he didn't give them anything to market.

    Although personally I would have hit the market with a fun, but VERY action heavy trailer, they tried to show the humor, and the fact is his humor doesn't work out of context.

    Thanks for posting this link..

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    thanks for the link. I loved firefly and serenity. what an genious idea
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    I don't see Wonder Woman hitting big at all. It may do ok, but I can't see it making a huge dent at the box office.

    I would rather see Firefly come back to TV than to the big screen.
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    Really, How come? I figured they'd cast someone very popular, or very up and coming, in the lead role and I expect the studio to advertise the living crap out of this one. And with that combination I think they will have a winner, because Joss is a decent writer so the film shouldn't suck ;) high volume advertising and good word of mouth usually equal success.

    I would love to see Firefly back on TV, but I liked the film a lot more than the show, so I could handle another film.

    I also would not mind seeing Joss create somehting wholly original for his next film.

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    Nice news. Wrong forum though

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