Fill gaps/ cracks in master objects with heated liquid oil clay?


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I'm recasting a very fussy item full of tiny cracks/ deep pits, etc. In the past I've used solid oil clay, but it's tricky to apply sometimes.

Would it be possible to use drops of hot liquid oil clay to fill some sections? I could use a syringe to apply it in hard-to-reach areas.

I feel like this is either a great or terrible idea...


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What you're essentially talking about doing is using "slip." Slip is a sculpting term for essentially a clay sludge used to fill in areas on a sculpture. If you're wanting to use clay, I'd avoid using hot, melted as the implicit dangers are obvious; rather, make a slip with oil based clay and a very minute amount of acetone or mineral spirits. Mix so you get the consistency of paste.

If you want, you can do essentially the same thing but the end result can be sanded and cleaned up with Apoxie Sculpt. I swear by this stuff; mix and spread it into what you want to fill. Then use a sculpting tool or popsicle stick dipped in high-percent isopropyl alcohol and scrape off the excess/clean it up a bit and after you let it cure, you can do whatever you want to it. I recommend this way because a permanent solution once means that you won't have to do it again.

If you go the clay route, if the first mold doesn't work out, that means you'll have to do it again minus the wasted resources on the mold.


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Thank you PoopaPapaPalps and chibobber, those are really interesting materials! I'll have to get some ordered so I can experiment with them.

Edit- I ended up softening oil clay with a 50C heating pad, it made it much easier to precisely apply. I still want to experiment with Apoxie Sculpt though, since I now realize the oil clay is basically permanent (very laborious to remove after the fact). So you might as well permanently lock in your work with A.S.
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