Fallout NCR costume/pipboy...work in progress


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Hey all! Been a follower on some of the boards here and just getting around to posting for the first time.
This is my first real attempt at costuming, though I've done some pretty basic prop-making (out of household things) and modeling (warhammer40K). I'm pretty ambitious, in that I am making this fallout costume, as well as a Tron Legacy costume for a CON over the 4th of July weekend. Lot's o' work ahead.
I thought I'd post a couple progress pictures for feedback/criticism.
First I started with the pipboy. Bought some foamboard and cut to some measurements I made from a image printed from the game (and adapted to my arm measurements).
View attachment 55919
View attachment 55920
View attachment 55921
Then I started a bit of work on the armor. First made some measurements and got a lot of inspiration from Komissar's work for his NCR costume. I put those measurements on paper, then cut it out of EVA foam.
View attachment 55922
View attachment 55923
During some shopping I happened upon a really cool looking nerf-rip-off shottgun, so I thought I'd buy it and make some mods. I sawed off the barrel and proceeded to paint the whole thing. Put in some silver and boltgun metal to give the impression of wear-and-tear. Trying to make The wood coloring and texture was difficult but fun, had to improvise the whole thing.
View attachment 55924
View attachment 55926
View attachment 55925
View attachment 55927
Here's a picture of the armor all put together.
View attachment 55928
Primed and battledamaged:
View attachment 55929
With a coating of silver spraypaint. Just today painted gray to make it less shiny/metally.
View attachment 55930
Also found this woman's coat. On a budget, I am not going to be able to afford a duster or anything resembling it. Nor do I have the skills to make one (yet). Got it from a thrift store, dyed it a bunch, and recently (not shown yet) gave it some wear-and-tear:
View attachment 55931
Moving back to the pip-boy, I did some wiring so that the switch on the bottom left side would actually cycle through the three red lights below the display. I rigged my own battery so that it could fit in the small confines of the available space.
View attachment 55932
From there, I attached it to a tube that I purchased, added some green-stuff and cardboard to fill in the details.
View attachment 55933
Primed, and painted with a silver undercoat (I really don't have much paints in the place I'm working at right now). I love adding details and wear to things like this, and am looking forward to it.
View attachment 55934
My girlfriend is also making a fallout costume with a pipboy. She used clay and made a mold and casted it in resin. Hers is way cool too, and maybe she'll share more of her process too.
View attachment 55935
So that's where I'm at for now. I've got some stencils cut out for tagging the body armor, but need to get some white spray-paint. This is way more time-consuming than I first thought, but I'm learning a ton as my first project. I'll likely make another thread with my Tron Legacy costume when I get around to it. (we like to have a different costume for each night at the CON).
Thanks for any feedback!

For a first real attempt it's coming out fantastic. I especially like the fact that you've completely masked what your "duster" used to be. Can't wait to see what your final Pip-Boy (and costume) will look like.

Ahh yes, green stuff and boltgun metal...those keywords bring back memories. :)

As for your TRON outfit, what were you thinking of fabricating?
Thanks! Today I'm gonna be doing some more painting, right next to my 40K Tau (which also need some love).

For my tron costume, I'm doing Clu with his long robe that he wears in the beginning. Unfortunately, with the very limited budget I'm on I cannot afford the EL tape and must settle for EL wire. Found a priests robe that shouldn't be too hard to mod, and also going to do some changes to rizzler's data disc. I'm fighting time mostly with this one, so I'm not totally sure how it'll turn out. But again, great learning experience!
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