Facial spines, quills, etc. ~ What's the best solution?



Made mine out of supersculpy and painted them black it took hours rolling the points,
but if you don't overheat the quills in the oven they have some flexabilty to them

I also started using this new material, i'll hold off postig until i think it works.


Here's something you may want to consider. Go to a pet/fish store. There are a few plastic plants used in fishtanks that are suppose to look like grass. They are about the right thickness and most come to a point. They are usually green so you'd have to paint them black and cut them off to a desired length but they work pretty well.


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I use a dence strong foam mat that I cut into spikes and use a heat gun to soften the foam and roll it on the table to round it out, after I attach it to the mask I, give to coats of latex for added strengh.(even though it dosent need it.

ive started a bio-helmet, and the quills pop back into place ,after the hundred times Ive tryed it.

hoe this helps.



I was told they were made out of feather quills.
hope that helps.

Mr Fett

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It sounds like kre8tive has the best idea for a workable costume piece, as he claims they lay down yet pop right back up when you remove the helmet.

Mr Fett

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Found out what the small "eyebrow" quills are on kre8tive's mask for Well Paid Killer. They are those little 8 x 11" sheets of Foamies you can find at places like Wal-Mart and Michaels. I already have some of that at home, so I may add some "eyebrows" to my mask, too.
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