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IÂ’m looking for a good supes style wig or something I can trim and style to look supes style. I have hair similar to his, but probably not long enough. Any links, shops, recommendations, etc would be great. IÂ’m also looking for some contacts, any suggestions?


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For wigs I'd look up www.cosworx.com, or www.witchwigs.com (I haven't ordered from the latter in a couple years since Cosworx carries the same wigs, but they used to have a selection of character wigs that might help your search). There's also an online store called Amphigory that carries wigs, but theirs are primary long, feminine wigs for anime and fantasy styles. Witchwigs or Cosworx will probably have shorter, mens wigs and hairstyles.

Can't help you with contacts, though I've heard that sometimes for good quality FX contacts you need a prescription or exam first, and a lot of eye places will have info on color contacts if you go in for an exam or something.


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For contacts you definitely need an eye exam even for non prescription lenses. Your doc should have some colors for you to try on. Here's an older article about colored contacts and how to get started. The brands and prices may be a bit outdated, but the basic info is still good....plus some pix. :D

Colored contacts

Hope that helps. :p


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I did Superman a couple of months ago, but my own hair is also too short to actually pull off the right style of hair.

I glued wig extension hair in rows onto my head. First, I parted my hair where I wanted the fake hair to go. I layed a thin line of prosaide (prosthetic adhesive) to my scalp and then carefully placed small strands of the wig hair into the glue. Once it was dry, I parted my hair in a new row and repeated the process untill I had a long, full, head of hair. LOL After that I combed, sprayed and made the curl. I felt fake as hell, but it looked good.