Event Horizon


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I was going through My DVD collection the other night and saw Event Horizon and wondered if anyone has tried to make a model of this thing?
It's in my opinion a fantastic design for a ship. I would love to try making this thing. I beleive the studio scale ship was HUGE..something like over 15ft long
Does anyone have a good reference photos?

I haven't found much on the web in the way of reference material but heres some I did find

No idea how accurate these "plans" are but it's something.

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I love the ship, I would love to have a scaled down kit. I have never seen pictures of a model of the Event Horizon.


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I thought the movie was relatively lame, but the ship....damn. I'd love to have a 2-3ft long version of her.

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Originally posted by burningman@Jan 14 2006, 09:43 AM

No idea how accurate these "plans" are but it's something.

I think those pics are pages scanned from "Sci Fi and Fantasy Modeler Magazine", so I would imagine they are quite accurate. :)

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