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Ok dumb question, but I was going through some reference pics and this popped into my head. When Luke first encounters Yoda in his camp on Dagobah, Yoda takes a lamp and R2 tries taking it back. Doesn't R2 know who Yoda is? He should, but I can't see R2 playing tug of war with a Jedi Master. I'm assuming Anakin kept R2 with him at the Jedi Temple since he used R2 in his fighter. It would make sense that R2 would certainly know Yoda. Some I'm wondering if this is just an example of continuity errors since Lucas didn't connect R2 with Anakin.


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I think R2 did know Yoda, being a droid of Anakin's, they all probably met on Coruscant at some point after Ani first gets there, or even on Geonosis after the clones first saved everyone. R2 did save the queen along with 2 and a half jedi, i hope Yoda heard about that from someone lol.

The droids probably knew half the galaxy by ESB, but i think R2 would like to keep their history quiet while Luke is in the room. At least until ROTJ when we find out Vader has not one but TWO kids on the opposite side of him in his war, any time after that I think R2 could do a tell-all about his adventures across the galaxy. I wonder if Owen or Beru knew that the protocol droid they bought was the very same one that lived with them a couople decades before? Its 3PO's thing is to introduce himself to everyone, he had to say his name to at least one of them and not just Luke.


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Artoo is a troll. It's a good thing we don't get subtitles for his dialogue, he also swears like a sailor.

Seriously though, continuity error. Chalk it up to organics not being able to tell similar looking droids apart and Artoo not being a fan of the little frog.


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Yoda sending Artoo out on many late night twinkie runs pissed him off, but Yodas love of Porn, sent him over the edge


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Real answer- continuity error

In-Universe answer (aside from mentioned above)...

R2 lost some of his memory banks after getting shot by Vader in the trench run.



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R2 could easily have gotten a memory wipe in the 20 years between films. Heck, if he's particularly loyal to the Rebels, he might insist on it, or even do it himself, in case he should ever be captured.


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Because all astromechs are jerks. Just look at chopper.

Anyway, I honestly think that Lucas tried to create continuity by shoehorning as much into the prequels as possible. And no where was that as obvious as threepio and artoo. He though it would "bind the series together" but in reality it just made more and more questions like this.

I know that threepio told luke that they had seen a ton of battle before but that doesn't mean that we had to see them as the most important droids in the galaxy. It kind of makes it seem like all of these characters were fated to be a part of this story


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Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but didn't Jimmy Smits say to wipe the droids memories at the end of ROTS?

I could have made that up myself. I'm very tired. (can't remember name of Jimmy Smits Character....)


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Everything George Lucas had firmly worked out about the story after finishing ANH would have fit into a few paragraphs. At most.

GL got a rep for having it all planned out because he did any planning for sequels at all, which was unusual for the 1970s. And he liked the public to think he had it all sorted out all along because people don't question his judgment so much that way. So he has implied & alluded to having Star Wars way more planned out than he really ever did.


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R2 was just going along with Yoda's first test of Luke, of his patience, so he pretended Yoda was just a simple swamp creature, not the Jedi master he knew him to be. Plus R2 really liked that flashlight and he knew Yoda wouldn't reveal his Jedi powers by hurling him across the swamp. Yeah that's it!

Sluis Van Shipyards

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Yeah R2 knows exactly what happened the whole time. No memory wipe. I could see him staying quiet and not outing Yoda, but I would think he would try to take the lamp from Yoda. Surely R2 has some protocol programming to know you don't be rude to a Jedi Master.
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