Interest Ep3 Bail Organa Pistols


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9 years ago, I paid a local artist to create for me from scratch, 1:1 scale blaster pistols of BAIL ORGANA weapons, and made about 20 of them for some fans. I remolded the master and will be making them again either as a kit or finished, if anyone is interested, please sound off in this thread to show your interest, and if there is enough, I'll do a small run of this cool weapon.

These are very stylish pistols! No funds at the moment, but I might be contacting you about these in a few months if you're still doing them.

Thanks StarWarrior, I messaged you...I have these molded.. I am the maker of these, and pulled the masters out and remolded them, from when I first had them sculpted back around 2005 time period...
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