Ent-D SS close enough to 1/350?


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I was getting ready to look over my 1/350 Polar Lights Enterprise build, and thought(like many of us here), is anyone here crazy enough to try it?

An actual SS model of the 78 incher?

To see what we'd be dealing with, I printed out 1:1 pics of the nacelles.



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When seen printed out like that, it's easy to see why the 6 footer was so cumbersome for them to film with. I'd imagine it would be a difficult build too, as the D had some complex curves on the secondary hull and neck.
You could always build the 4ft instead. Then you'd have an excuse if you messed up the curves. :p


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I'd love to see a 1:350 Ent D.

I don't think Star Trek ever got to grips with scale, most ships look a similar size.....there's never really been a comparison where you go, "whoah!!!".....OK....maybe at the end of ST6 and possibly with that winged thing in Nemesis (shudder).....

A missed opportunity i'd say.


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Where the hell are you gonna put that?
I'm building two of them for myself.

The answer is, it's good to have lots of headroom(high ceilings).

You might find this helpful, it's been around for a while. I don't know who made it, I'm sorry if there are any issues around me posting this.


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Baby steps


Made of 3/8" clear acrylic over a 1:1 cutout. Unfortunately I don't have a cnc machine. Needs some sanding. Anyone know the best way of engraving the windows?


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Wow, a 350 Enterprise D, better have some vaulted ceilings for that one. I'm just starting on a 350 Enterprise B which I "should" have room for lol
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