Emperor prothsthetic mask and contact


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If anyone can help Ive been trying to find out some info about a Palpatine costume for Halloween. What is the best fanmade prothsthetic starwars Ian McDiarmid Emperor mask with elements from rotj and rots that has been available before? Im trying to track one down. I also wouldnt mind finding a mask which is made out of something more durable than siilcone if thats an option. Also what are the best contacts to buy that closely resemble Palpatines eyes from rots? Ive searched on the forums here but have found nothing. I have no idea where to start.
Silicone is definitely your best bet for something like this. I could make one should it be commissioned by someone but it'd be cheaper to get one from someone who's already done it. I've seen, I think, two... on this board... Do a search.
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