E-11 Doopydoos full resin kit


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Hey everyone! Here is my E-11 blaster. Its the full resin kit from doopydoos. I have made trigger guard, front aim and scope rail from metal. I also made some parts (spring etc) to make it look functional. I made a better mag plate.

I love the look of Sterling converions and knew thats the look I wanted.

Heres a step by step of the paint job:

1. Primer, it went on well and got a good grip. (I had been a good boy and cleaned the kit parts earlyer.)


The cast quality is overall good, but the end cap have some dents.


2. Silver coat. I went for a silver were the metallic effect wasnt to obvious.


3. Gold on the scope. This is more dark then the pic shows, but its still to golden compaired to the real scopes. I will only make small scratches and add weathering so it will do fine.Now its time to mask the parts that will stay silver (spring etc). I used masking tape and masking fluid.


4. Black coat. I used flat on the gun and glossy on the scope and handle. I made sure the paints are compatible before painting.


5. Weathering. Peel off the masking. Gently use sand paper to make the blaster to look worn and let the metal come through. I used different papers, soft and heavy. I also used a wire brush to get random scratches. Do this in small steps. Try to get the look as if it had been from real life beating. I look at reference all the time when doing this as its easy to get it wrong. Dont mess with the t-track as they should look plastic.


After that its a lot of washes. I used gray and rusty brown washes of acrylic model paint. Dont go all over, but do some parts. Like the sanding do it in small steps. Make different amount on different parts, some more rusty, some less. Again go for reference to get what you are after.

Heres the scope. I added white for the ingraved text, based on how the original scope looked.


I wanted the grip to look like worn plastic. Its glossy black with flat washes and some strokes. Its also gently sanded to get a vintage look.


I made the dent in the stock deeper (but not to much as it would become brittle. The effect turned out ok. I also tried to make the stock look more rusty.


Here you can see the new plate on the mag.


And finally here it is worn by a dead serious trooper! "Let me see your identification!"


Hope this can be of some help if anyone feels like doing a beat up sterling paint job.

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Its Big Helmet Lol, that Blaster really came out nice looks as though the thing as all metal with the detailing you did, a big thumbs up!
Cheers guys! (y)thumbsup

I took a few more pics this afternoon:



Thanks again. :)

Edit: I forgot to mention that the kit has the hengstler counter and power cylinders. I just love the version not having them.
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I've got one of these kits on its way to me now... (Should be any day now...) I notice your Blaster has no Hengstler counter attached...The Kit I bought is stated to come with one, did you leave yours off for personal preference, or is yours a slightly different kit?
I had been looking for a resin Sterling for a while now, I bought one of these yesterday and hope to get it soon. I'm bookmarking this Thread.

Great job.
My Kit arrived this morning, and Yes, to answer my own question, it does have a hengstler. Its a really clean cast, with nice sharp details... My only slight gripe is that there's no instructions, so I'll have to build it using visual reference pics, Difficult when there are so many small parts, But thats no problem to me. To answer the question above, (Please bear with me, because I'm not up to naming all the parts precicely yet..) The end cap is seperate, and the body is hollow which alows you to put your own Spring inside, which is then visible through the ...er.... 'cocking slot'(ooh Er Missus) so it doesnt look like a sold resin lump... however the 'receiver' (I believe thats the silver part, just forward of the channel that shows the spring) is moulded in, however its really well defined, so with a good paintjob, you can make it look totally authentic......
Build is going well... I'm really impressed by how gosh darned easy this is... I should be painting in a couple of days! I do need some help, with a part I can name from the parts list on Doopydoos website, But I can't locate on any Photographs of the actual blaster.....

Can anyone help me with the placement of the :MAGAZINE RETAINING SCREW ?

It's a flat topped mushroom shaped piece, with a slot in it, obviously a screw head, but I can't find it on ANY of the reference pics I'm using (And I'm using alot!)

Any help on its placement would be very greatfully received....
Nobody had answered this last question, so I wanted to answer it for anyone else's benefit if you come to read this later ( I presume you found the position for the screw yourself).

The retaining screw goes on top of the magazine housing just below the numbers 227. I've actually got a slight mark to show its position and the numbers will be obscured when the power cylinders are fitted. It sits near the front of the scope on the left.

I'm thinking of adding a spring. Does anyone have any advice on what to use?
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