E 11 blaster demensions?


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Sorry for what is probably an already gone over topic.
Ive searched since October to no avail.
I'm looking to build a scaled down version of an E 11 Blaster for my nephew.
I'm gonna have to scratch build each part.
That's why I'd like some actual dimensions.
Any info you can add, please do.
Thank you,
Patterns and blueprints are available on The Blaster Builder's Club site ... if you register.
You should also find them on Whitearmor.net somewhere ...
There is also WizardOfFlight's sketch that you could print to scale and use.

But I think there is a better starting point than a plastic tube. Both Rubies and Hasbro have released new toy blasters for the Star Wars Rebels animated series. Hasbro's has some weird dimensions, but Rubies' toy has very good proportions. It is also very much smaller than the original props - shorter than the old Kenner/Hasbro blaster even.
It is mostly a hollow shell and has no moving parts. There are lots of small details that you could rebuild to be more accurate, but you could choose to build only a few of them and those you skip would still look OK.
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