Dune (2021) Still suit build, (Alison Tabbitha patterns)


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So after watching Dune 2021, I decided to try my hand at a Still suit. I made it for my daughter. I watched Alison Tabbitha's YouTube video of the way she built it and proceeded from there after ordering the pattern set download ($20). I went to Goodwill and bought several pair of mens grey work pants, a pair of grey stretch pants, and a set of khaki colored drapes. Off to Lowes where I bought bags of garage door foam tubing/ insulation. EVA foam for the "armor". The patterns were well done. you'll have to do some imagineering with the attaching straps and buckles as well as moderate sewing skills. A couple cans of Plasti Dip, and mixing up acrylic paint for the weathering.


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That looks fantastic! Well done. Extremely creative and the final results are stellar. I think the most impressive is the last, weathered shot.

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