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Hi everyone! Long time lurker, first post. This is my Dr. Decker (Buttonface) costume from Nightbreed.In short, the mask was made by me from linen fabric over a full head lifecast. The rest of the costume was pieced together from thrift stores and ebay. The tie was the only piece I had custom made. The Khyber knife was a really luck find on ebay. I wrote a “how-to” article for Horrorhound magazine (issue 46) about making the costume and mask.



Here’s a shot of me with the Nightbreed cast at a Days of the Dead convention.

Here's a few pics of making the mask.



  • Chuck Ryan deckerTN.jpg
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That's so freaking awesome!!

And the locale you found for the photoshoot looks like it's right outside of Midian!

On a side note I've seen that the preorders for the Nightbreed Bluray release in October are selling for crazy prices!
Thanks Schlitzie! Those shots were taken in our woods. The spot we chose seemed to work well.

Yes, the blu-ray is selling like mad. I cant wait to see it! Of course there are the typical folks trying to turn a huge profit from it on ebay right away.
Hehe, I can't wait to see the movie the way it was meant to be seen. I hope this inspires some other prop builders to replicate some things from the movie.
Heh, I just realized you're on my favorites on Etsy. I recognized your studio. Can't wait to see the razor. Did you have any pics of that Khyber?
Thanks! It's not quite dead on but pretty close. If you notice on mine the handle color appears a little darker, my hilt has a metal pin and the screen used doesn't, and my blade length appears a tad longer.
That certainly could be.

Now that is cool!! Hugh Ross would love to see those I bet. I just talked to him at a con. He has no idea what happened to the screen used thumb razors...which isn't that surprising. Would be neat to see some other props from the film surface.
um, freaking awesome!!!! I loved the prosthetics in that movie, I was just talking about how awesome some of the makeup and costumes were the other day! Fantastic job!!
Arcane, that's some great work you did on that costume, love the location of your photos as was already mentioned, and the Khyber....fantastic! I also looked at your thread regarding the razor you had custom made, another great addition to your Decker onsomble.

I had a photo taken of me in a Decker costume I made for a Halloween contest. Sadly my clothes were not very accurate, just a two piece black suit, white button-up shirt and a black tie...it looked like a cross between Nightbreed and Reservoir Dogs.
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