Displaying the MR Pirates of the Caribbean Coin

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by wGraves, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. wGraves

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    Ok, thinking about getting one of these and I really don't like the Packaging it comes in. Any tips or ideas on displaying it? I was thinking a Skeleton hand holding it with a nice plaque at the base the hand. Any help or tips would be great.

  2. DarthCalibar

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  3. Dr. J

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    Now THAT'S classy. ;)

    I have a couple of MR POTC Coins and have them spilling out of a little leather pouch.

    It looks pretty cool.
  4. Kylash

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    well here's how i display mine, a nice drift wood looking shadowbox :)

  5. Great_Bizarro

    Great_Bizarro Sr Member

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    I have yet to put it all together but I got a skeleton hand and arm with a poster from the movie and a flintlock gun. I am going to mount the arm coming out of the poster holding the coin with the gun in the other hand.
  6. TFrosst

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    If you have the necklace, get a necklace display bust off ebay for about $10. they come in black and some look really nice. If you have just the coin, that's a little tricky but framing is probably the way to go. Along that lines of what Kylash327 has done.

    Nice display Kylash327. Where did you get the POTC sign hanging from the skull and swords?
  7. Kylash

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    ebay. all the ones ive seen now though dont say POTC, they had ti change it to something more generic, i dont think its an official licensed item, but i got it when they started popping up.

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