Decided to go with Gambit.

Egon Spengler

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Well, after debating for some time now which super hero costume to create I've decided without a doubt to go with creating Gambit. I'm just a bit too tall to be your friendly neighborhood Spider-man and quiet honestly I'm sick of costumes with masks.

Here is a photo of myself.


Do you guys/girls think I could succeed as Gambit?

I'm trying to decide which costume to go with as well. So far my personal favorite is this version.

If anyone can be so kind as to offer me advice on creating this costume I'd really appreciate it. The part I am the most concerned with is reproducing the shin guards he wears and the head gear.


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Can you provide shots of the chins? Are you looking for a comic style or a more real world look? I.E. leather vs lycra.


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I think you could easily pass for even have the hair. Just use lots of mousse.


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I agree you have the hair for it and could make a good Gambit. Get the contacts too for the finishing touch.

Egon Spengler

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I'd like it to be as close to the comics as possible but realise there are usually real world limitations when it comes to that sort of thing.

Here is a pic.

The box with the 1 in it are the shins/leg guards i like the most. I'd really love something like that.

Do you know someone that offers shins or something?

Egon Spengler

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Ah, cool.

I believe they do, yes. As far as I've seen in many other versions they seem to.

Thanks for the words of encouragment everyone and thank you very much for that link jedistine.


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for legguards, try baseball catcher legguards, check out some used/trade sporting good stores to find some cheap ones to modify, should be able to find something close enough,


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Originally posted by mez7@Mar 1 2006, 08:51 PM
for legguards, try baseball catcher legguards, check out some used/trade sporting  good stores to find some cheap ones to modify, should be able to find something close enough,


I'm glad your going with the comic book gambit :D i get so sick of the updated x-men look and the movie look :eek: .

But anyway mez7 has a point just buy some legguards and just slupt over them.
Maybe try some cheap vader shins and use magic sulpt just an idea ;)


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IIf you're doing Gambit, a cool way to show his "power" would be to get some thin plexiglas cut like playing cards, add the graphics for the cards then use a small compact red colored light, (possibly modify a pen light), to illuminate the "card" by shining it up through the bottom edge of the plexi giving it that "charged" look. :)

Good luck.
-B89. :D

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Definitly a great fit. The catcher shin guards mentioned above would be the way to go in my opinion as well. They will provide a good base to maybe layer some styrene or Sintra pieces on to make them look more authentic.
As for he head gear, first thing that comes to mind is a black wetsuit hood. It has most of the face already cut out. Cut of the top for your hair, and your good.


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those look pretty close to what you are looking for, and all you would need is to sculpt that little triangle thingie on there and paint em silver.

as far as the playing card idea, its a pretty good one. i have some 3/16th neon red i picked up to do a custom ship key from smallville, and the lil bastard sings in the sunlight. some 1/8" and some engraved card graphics would work out pretty cool and be kinda cheap. maybe 50 for a royal flush.

pic o the key (it is transparent, but the color just.. literally shines so much you cant take a pic of it)